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Life Experience College Degree
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Your Accredited Life Experience College Degree will look like a traditional Degree, The Transcripts from the University you choose will also look like traditional documents. Lets look at our standards and what sets us apart from most Fast online College Degree programs.

Your Transcripts: All transcripts are printed on Official Anti-Copy
Security paper with other security features. Transcript classes are taken
from the core curriculum used in all U.S. Universities, they really don't
differ in  this  area.  Transcripts  from the University  you  Choose  will
have the school name and address, Registrar information, The phone
and fax  number to the College or University. all classes are shown in the term or semester system and will have GPA as well as letter grade, quality points and more. All transcripts will have a cumulative summary, they will show program of enrollment, enrolment date, Student ID number, Date of birth. your transcripts will have GPA legend, accreditation information and verification information on the back just like if you attended school and received transcripts. in fact, a Bachelors Transcript for example would have approximately 124-130 credit hours spanning 3-4 years of study. it would follow the Fall-Spring system, or quarter system.

There is no mention of Online study or life experience on any of your documents.

Your Documents will look as real as Traditional Documents.
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Online Accredited Life Experience Degree
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Life Experience Degree
based on all prior skills and Education. Our Professional Network of Colleges/Universities will work for you. We'll provide the list, You Choose your School and Major. More Employment Prospects, More Successful Endeavors. Empower your Career Increase your Self Esteem. Enroll Today.
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Life Experience Degree Online
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Grants original degrees printed on traditional degree paper, digital professional print with Embossed Seal of the University which identifies it as an Authentic degree. Transcripts are on Official Anti-Copy Paper with watermarks and other University security Features.
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Provide degrees on copy paper, usually uses sticker generic seals
Inkjet printed. Transcripts are on Non Official regular paper from a template with simple Pass/Fail Marks. No GPA legend and no Registrar verification information.
Awards you scores for the subjects that fall under your field of study on your transcripts. In other words all the transcripts offered here bear subject-wise scores, which is an important feature of a real and traditional transcript. We provide all Core courses, major classes and electives by the term or semester.
Do not give scores on transcripts and just state “Pass” which does not clarify the particular subject in which you excel. All Classes listed for every major is the same. Transcripts are usually from a teplate used over and over.
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Every University provides address and Phone and Fax Number on all transcripts with information on how to verify your credentials. Contacting the University of your choice is possible at any time.
No Phone verification at all, many times, email verification is used, Verification is done without your consent. You cannot contact the University as thier is no Contact information, simply a school name.
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Delivers complete degree package through FREE shipping. We offer Global priority Mail, Express shipping through many carriers is available, please inquire about express shipping.
Charges for shipping are applied, in some cases a handling fee as well.
Many times shipment is made via First Class Mail, very slow.
Degree based on Experience
Choices, With our program every College or University that approves you is available to you, you choose your School! all websites are given and Location.
You choose from only one school. The one school may have bad press as they usually sell ther degrees right from the school website..
Read the comparison chart to know why students prefer to order from Us more than any other.
Your Professionally Printed Degree. Will be printed on the right paper, each College or University uses a 42-48 Lb. Parchment or solid paper, The Seal of your College Degree will feature the school colors and be raised/embossed or have a two colored thermograph foiling. In either case, all member Universities use professional digital print.

There are no sickers used, unlike our competitors, our Schools use state of the art foiling and thermographing. The embossments are pressed from the back of the diploma just as the traditional degrees and Diplomas are. The Fonts are Traditional Olde English or a combination of Edwardian Script and Linotext Fonts. Again, our schools maintain Traditionalism, this is what you would find on a degree from University of Phoenix to Harvard University.
Real Life Experience Degree, Quality, Life Experience Transcripts Online, get your College Transcripts and degree based on what you already know. choose a Real Life Experience Degree, not a degree from an unknown school. Life Experience Transcripts Online, Quality Degree's and Diploma's, College Transcripts based on Life Experience, Life Experience Degree. You can have your Transcripts based on experience in just days. Enroll now for your Accredited Life Experience Degree.
College Transcripts based on life experience